The Study Centre promotes many activities during the year, at times in collaboration with some Associations such as Cinemazero in Pordenone, University of Udine and the Pasolini Archive-Cineteca of Bologna.These activities aim at the promotion and the study of Pasolini’s work, as well as the scientific accuracy and a wider didactic perspective. The Annual Conference belongs to this range of scientific initiatives. It is hold in November and confirmed as an annual meeting for the study of the many facets of Pasolini’s work.After 2008 and 2009 publications (Pasolini e la cultura tedesca, Pasolini e la televisione) the next 2010 edition, in collaboration with Cineteca of Bologna and the Universities of Bologna and Udine, was dedicated to the investigation of  “Pasolini’s Theatre” which represents an unpopular range among his prolific literary production, even though the drama production is constantly performed all over the world. For the readers, authors, editors and publishing set up some specific meetings related to the figure of the poet such as opportunities of research and presentations of books or current publications of pasolinian critics. There are some activities for a wider public such as permanent exhibitions set in the Study Centre in Casarsa opened year-round. In 2010 three important photographic exhibitions were shown: the works of Mario Dondero, photojournalist and author of the most memorable flash lamps on Pasolini and his friends during the ’60, Andrea Paolella the young photographer from Reggio Emilia and Domenico Notarangelo.
These pictures enriched both the cultural offer for visitors and the collection of the Centre, such as the photo “ Scatti” of Dario Dondero which gave an important contribution.With regard to the publications, the Study Centre edited an innovative, complement and illustrative catalogue; while for what concerns Andrea Paolella’s exhibition the Study created a special synergy with Silvana Editoriale, a national publishing house qualified in catalogues and art publications. The last independent project regards the attention to the friulian culture and its relation with Pasolini after 1950 and his departure from Casarsa. These were a cycle of conferences that want to reveal to the public the human and artistic relationships and the bonds that Pasolini kept with his birthplace thanks to some friulian exponents. The first meeting of this initiative, in 2010, was dedicated to the relationship between Pasolini and Elio Bartolini while the second one was centred on the figure of the poetess Novella Cantarutti. The Study Centre decided to dedicate the meeting room to the spouses Luigi and Andreina Ciceri, because of their generous contribution to the Pasolini’s Archive of Casarsa. This room will be soon inaugurated and integrated with an audio-visual space where some movies about Pasolini’s life can be seen, in order to offer a more complete service for visitors.