The Study Center

Vista esterna del Centro Studi
Outside of the Study Center Pier Paolo Pasolini

The Study Center Pier Paolo Pasolini is located in Colussi House, the house of Pasolini’s mother, in the middle of Casarsa. Here the poet lived with his family during his childhood and youth. The Study Center hosts a permanent exhibition set in the various rooms of the house that shows many photos of the family, Friulian paintings, political posters (1948-1949) and some temporary exhibitions of artists and photographers who measured themselves with the works of the poet  during their artistic career.
Inside the house there are a precious and considerable collection of manuscripts of the Friulian period and a rich hard-copy heritage, including the Quaderni Rossi (1946-1947), the Manifesti politici (1949) and an important collection of letters between the poet and his friends and relatives. Together with other Italian institutions which preserve Pasolini’s heritage such as Centro Studi-Archivio Pier Paolo Pasolini (Fondazione Cineteca in Bologna) and Archivio Contemporaneo “Alessandro Bonsanti” of Gabinetto Vieusseux in Florence, the Study Center is involved in the design of a unified catalogue of the entire work of Pasolini in Italy, in order to simplify the researches of students and scholars.
The Center also offers to his visitors the extraordinary opportunity to visit the Friulian sites that inspired Pasolini’s works in a route of 5 stages that can be found also on this website: this is a special occasion to discover the deep bond between literature and landscape in the Friulian countryside, among endless rows of mulberries, vineyards, old farmhouses and small churches.