Pasolini’s maternal house

In Casarsa, today, we can find few traditional houses reflecting the old countryside buildings’ features. Colussi House is an example of that and differs from the other buildings because it has a further one-floor stonework block built in 1946 thanks to the contribution of Carlo Alberto Pasolini. Colussi House hosts the Academiuta di Lenga Furlana (a group of poets and writers), founded by Pier Paolo during his stay in Versuta. Today the maternal house hosts the Study Centre. Inside the building we can find manuscripts of the friulian period, the first editions of the printed books and the following publications, the complete cinematographic collection and some works of critics. The Study Centre shows a permanent exhibition divided into different rooms, each one presents a different theme: paintings and drawings of the period in Casarsa, political manifestoes, a photographic gallery with Pasolini’s family pictures, the landscape of the friulian countryside and the palace where the poet lived during his stay in Casarsa. The room where the Academiuta meets has been recently renovated and it is opened to the public.